Natures Signature Photography & Spoken Thru Love: Information & Pricing...

~ Portraits in Nature Sessions ~

I am very passionate about nature and natural lighting; therefore almost all of my photography is done outdoors. Your photo session will be fun, relaxed and will not have a time limit. My photo sessions are designed to let your personality come through rather than the posed portraits taken in a studio. The Session Fee is $245 and includes:

• A pre-session consultation to determine the best location for your needs. (The location can be a favorite park, your backyard or basically anywhere you think your unique personality will shine through.)

• A no time limit photo session. (Getting great photos can require some time and I would never think of charging extra money for additional time)

• Editing of the photos! All photos will be painstakingly edited to become the very best photographic art they can be. You will have a choice of photos done in vibrant color; black & white; and digital design.

• You get ALL of the Digital Files!! You have full rights to the photos and can share and print them at home or with any photo lab. You can also order prints through me if you like (at an additional cost) I use a professional lab and the quality is usually superior to that of your local store.

Fine Art Products

Canvas Wrap.. Photo's are printed on art quality canvas and stretched over the frame for a beautiful fine art presentation. 8x10 - $109 11x14 - $149 16x20 - $199 20x24 - $257

Metal ... Photos are printed directly onto metal creating a high quality product with a modern and edgy feel that are ready for hanging. 8x10 - $53 11x14 - $99 16x20 - $217 20x24 - $327

Gallery Mount ... Photos are heat infused to a smooth wood base surface and are ready for hanging. 8x10 - $45 11x14 - 69 16x20 - $120 20x24 - $146

Gallery Acrylic... Clear Acrylic with polished edges. Has amazing brilliance and depth with optimum clarity. 16x16 - $264 16x24 - $280 20x20 - $300 20x24 - $327

All photos in a 12X12 custom made coffee table book... $275

The prices listed above are for the most popular sizes, but many other sizes and products are available. Please contact me for all sizes, products and pricing.

It is understood that photographer has all rights to the photos and they may be used for advertising and possibly published.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Session fee is due the day of the photo shoot. Prices are subject to change without notice. ABSOLUTELY no photography or video, during session... this includes your cell phone.